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Thyroid disease caused by epstein barr?

Epstein Barr (EBV) is a highly contagious virus that affects almost the entire human population. We have been exposed to it at some point of our life, and there are two situations:

One, we faced the virus successfully and removed it from our bodies.
And the second one, we never overcame the infection and the virus gets reactivated several times.

EBV is related to be the cause of thyroid disease – specifically hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

The question is… if EBV causes thyroid disease then why isn’t 90-95% of the population suffering from thyroid conditions?

The truth is, it takes more than just one factor to knock the thyroid out of balance, the thyroid doesn’t work as a solo-operator, it is connected with the rest of the organs and the glands of our body.

  • If you are suffering stress, you might get adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue that could lead to inadequate thyroid function.
  • If digestion is shutted down because you eat in a hectic environment or you are suffering intestinal dysbiosis, the nutrients will not be properly absorbed and limit the production of thyroid hormones.
  • If nutrition is inadequate, and you are not having a balanced income of vitamins and minerals, the body will not have the elements needed to create thyroid hormone.
  • If you are suffering emotional problems and stuck in a chronic fight or flight, the thyroid will naturally slow down or speed up the organism to preserve life.
  • If you are overworking and not getting enough sleep hours, this impacts the health of the kidneys and adrenals, and eventually the thyroid.
  • If the immune system is weak, stealth viruses like EBV will eat away at the body’s energy reserves, you will have lots of oxidative stress and your thyroid gland will be compromised.
  • If the virus is hiding in the body’s organs and glands and growing in numbers, your immune system will attack it, contributing to autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, Graves’ and Addison’s disease.

Having EBV can be one of the factors that contribute to thyroid disease BUT it is not the only factor.

The body needs more than just exposure to a virus to break down into a diseased state. Get the facts, stop suffering, and start healing your thyroid condition.

With my program CUIDA Y SANA TU TIROIDES you can get it.

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