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And it all started like this…

I dedicate myself to integrative health, and like everything in life, there is a reason for it…

At the age of 5 I debuted with Diabetes Mellitus, an autoimmune disease that destroys the beta cells of my pancreas responsible for producing insulin. That determined that I had to become aware of my health from a very young age, the foods I ate and how to manage my blood sugar levels. Something that my body had to do autonomously became a responsibility, first of my parents and then mine. So I have always been very interested in knowing how the body works and I am clear that absolutely everything affects us. This led me to study Biology, I continued my studies obtaining a PhD in Biomedicine and dedicated more than ten years to research in different scientific laboratorie.

I like science and I wanted to understand the reason for health problems, the mechanism and the scientific part, I needed evidence.

In my adolescence, I suffered many allergic rhinitis problems, with itchy eyes and rainny nose that absolutely paralyzed me, and later I was diagnosed with another autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I was automatically prescribed medication, but I felt confused by the treatments, insecure and constantly fluctuating in vitality. I decided to listen to my body, take action and go looking for the cause of all these problems, and it was thanks to Andrea Beaman (American thyroid coach) in the first place that I managed to avoid medication and balance my thyroid function. I studied and specialized in thyroid with her courses, and decided to continue my training based on integrative nutrition, I got trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York, and later decided to do a postgraduate degree in Psychoneuroimmunology. And from then on, everything began to make sense and led me to a process of transformation and recovery of my health, apart from awakening my passion for sharing my knowledge and dedicating myself to consulting.

Another turning point that I would like to share with you, and which I hope to talk about in more detail in another article, was the decision to become a mother. The doctors scared me, diabetic since I was 5 years old, and at almost 39 years old I wanted to get pregnant. I could suffer complications, the thyroid could be deregulated, the diabetes could get out of control. If I had listened to everything they told me, surely I would not have gone for my baby, but the most important thing that one should listen to is their intuition, her body. We are so disconnected from our instincts, we have so much information on the outside that it does not let us listen to what our body tells us.

So I took the reins, I got a super stable glycosylated hemoglobin with more than optimal values, without an insulin pump, without drastic changes, simply adjusting the doses, maintaining my exercise and with healthy habits for me. I won’t say without effort, but I will say without being influenced by fear. My thyroid and diabetes were amazing and today I have an incredibly beautiful baby and I am so thankful.

As an integrative therapist and psychoneuroimmunologist, my mission is to be able to help people who, like me, want to transform their health and improve their lives.

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