PNIE means PsychoNeuroImmunoEndocrinology

As their acronyms say, PsychoNeuroImmunoEndocrinology is the science that studies the mechanisms of interaction and communication between the brain (Psyche / mind / conduct), the Nervous (central and autonomous), Immunological and Endocrine systems.

Of course, apart from studying, the PNIE tries to solve the health problems that refer to these systems, looking for an origin and an explanation for each symptom.

To summarize, it is an integrative therapy that understands he human being as a whole, and here I describe what the PNIE represents for me:

· Therapy focused on the patient

· Individualized therapy according to the needs and values ​​of the patient

· Integrates common and complementary methods for treatment and prevention

· It involves cooperation between different medical professionals

· It involves removing obstacles that may interfere with the activation of our innate curative response

· It uses natural interventions, less invasive

· Involves mind, body and spirit to facilitate the recovery of health

If you come to my consult, the treatment proposal will be based on the pillars mentioned above and we will look for the foods, lifestyle and healthy habits in accordance with your health status and objectives, in order to achieve balance respecting your nature My job is to help you get to know better how your body works and to give you solutions and keys to make it work at its maximum.