About me


Welcome, let me introduce myself, I’m Laura Llacuna, Biologist, PhD in Biomedicine, Health Coach and Psiconeuroimmunologist. I’m passionate about life, discovering the world, healthy foods, nature and dance.

I work on Integrative Medicine, offering a holistic vision about human health and helping patients that come to my consult disoriented and looking for alternatives to conventional medicine.

I help them to establish the changes that they need to achieve their objectives and get a better health and happiness.

My goal is to connect with people, give them opportunities to new solutions and healthy lifestyle. Is basic to be conscious about the needs of every single person because everyone is unique and different and that is why I offer a comfortable environment where the bioindividuality and the passion of everyone is important in order to choose the correct foods and decide the treatments to follow.

Trust your intuition and don’t regret at what makes you feel alive!